About Us

About Us

Neighborhood Shopping Guide is a marketing and advertising medium, to give affordable advertisement to local businesses and great savings for those living in the areas covered by the Neighborhood Shopping Guide. It is our strongest desire to promote the products and services of all of our businesses within their communities. At the same time, we believe that shopping and saving should be an enjoyable experience. We continually strive to bring excellence and integrity to every aspect of the Neighborhood Shopping Guide.

Neighborhood Shopping Guide in conjunction with Business Development Planners has joined forces to create www.HomeShopGuide.com an unique set of marketing solutions that includes home delivered advertising, website deals, mobile deals & prizing and finally our community driven News magazine. Our goal is to surround our customers with your brands, products and services to deliver higher sales and profitability to your organizations.

Our mobile app Rub-Off is a first of it's kind patented process in delivering prizes and deals. This is the most exciting thing to do on a phone since talk!

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Neighborhood Shopping Guide is an Out-Of-The-Box company that will build a marketing plan that is not just something on “Paper”. Our services include radio, video, web, mobile, community news and paper. Find out how we can make your company’s business stronger!

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Neighborhood Shopping Guide

We are very excited as we continue to push our brand around the world. I you have interest in representing our Coupons for Europe then please call us or send us an email:
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