Listing of Our Services
• Audio Ads
• Business Development
• Coupon Sales And Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Garage Sale Marketing
• Graphic Design
• Internet Marketing
• Marketing & Advertising (Agency) Services / Management
• Merchant Consulting
• Merchant Performance Tracking (ROI Tracking)
• SEO Performance Tuning
• Text Message Marketing
• Video Ads
• Website Serivices
Audio Ads
• Audio Production Ads Spots
• Attach audio ad to your coupon(s)
• Audio ad can be used as a traditional, informational, or testimonial ad
• Use radio spot from radio campaign (requires radio station release)
• Ask your Account Executive for details
Business Development
Coupon Sales And Marketing
Garage Sale Marketing
Graphic Design
• In-house creation of all ads for coupons
• Services range from coupon ad's to business cards to logo's and brochures
• Abillity to accomodate all of our merchant's needs
• Contract for single or multiple jobs
• Included in our agency packages (inquire for details)
Internet Marketing
Marketing & Advertising (Agency) Services / Management
• Total or partial management of your advertising and marketing
• Never deal with another sales rep again
• Years of experience in buying and placing media
• Packages availalbe to fit your business needs
• Ask your Account Executive for details or to schedule an appointment
Merchant Consulting
Merchant Performance Tracking (ROI Tracking)
SEO Performance Tuning
Text Message Marketing
Video Ads
Website Services